Hope: Princess Leia Tribute

Yesterday it was a sad day for the Star Wars family…
I ​don't ​normally do tributes to those who leave us, but this time is different. This time is our Princess. The princess who doesn’t wait in the castle for her prince to rescue her, the princess who confront Vader without fear...
At the beginning I thought to paint a simple portrait, but in the end it would have been a Carrie Fisher’s portrait with Leia’s look.
Then I remembered the old times, my sister and I watching VHS tapes over and over again, letting go our imagination beyond that galaxy, far, far away.
So I preferred to represent Carrie Fisher not like the beautiful, imperfect human being she was, but the legend in the eyes of all the kids who, like me, were born in the 80’s. Once again… May the force be with you, Princess.

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